Victor Wooten (Flecktones) Endorses Bassbone

Arguably the most exciting and innovative bass player in the world, Victor Wooten has joined Tony Levin, Chuck Rainey, Nathan East, Will Lee, John Patitucci, to endorse the Radial Bassbone.
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Victor is best known for his amazing bass acrobatics on stage with his brother and of course for his thunderous playing with Bela Fleck and the Flecktones.

The Bassbone is a two-channel bass preamp that allows two bases to be connected to a single head while allowing each instrument's volume and tone to be controlled separately. A powerful EQ along with an optimized tuner out, effects loop and power booster makes the Bassbone a powerhouse for on stage performance. A built-in direct box completes the Bassbone providing a complete direct to mixing console solution for live and studio recording.

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