VHT Standard 18(2)

The new VHT amplifier line includes the Standard 18, a two-channel design powered by a pair of EL84 output tubes. 
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We recently had a chance to hear the Standard 18 head in action with its matching 2x12 cabinet, which was loaded with Celestion G12H speakers. The Standard 18 is a hand-wired amp that's partly made in China, but assembled and tested here in California. It has one channel with Gain and Tone controls, and a second channel with Gain, Treble, Mid, Bass, and Master controls. This is a non-channel switching design, though, so you plug into whichever channel meets your needs. The Standard 18 has an aggressive, old-school British-style distortion sound, with plenty of gain for soloing with humbucker or single-coil guitars. The dynamic response is excellent and the Tone controls are voiced well for different guitars and playing styles. This rig is surprisingly loud too! Stay tuned for a full review coming soon in Guitar Player on the Standard 18 head and the Standard 12 combo.