VHT Evolves Into Fryette And Continues As AXL

“Much like a musician who finds his own voice, my recent designs have captured what I’ve been searching for since starting VHT 20 years ago,” says VHT founder Steven Fryette about changing the name of his venerated amplifier company to Fryette Amplification. Fryette will continue to manufacture all VHT models currently in production under the new name. And, in an odd twist, the VHT name will live on, but it will appear on amps manufactured by AXL. Huh?
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“Earlier this year, I consulted with AXL, and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience of working with another company,” explains Fryette. “In a surprise move, AXL offered to buy the trademarked VHT brand name and logo, which, in turn, has allowed me to rebrand my company under my own name.”

Gig Disaster!

When Guitar Superstar 2008 finalist Michael Orlando took the stage at San Francisco’s Broadway Studios for the Guitar Player’s Guitar Superstars LIVE! concert last November, he probably wasn’t thinking he’d end up in some kind of America’s Funniest Gig Disasters spotlight. But as Dennis Leeflang, the drummer for Orlando’s band, Sonic Stomp, slammed into the first big drum fill of the night, the rack of toms collapsed onto his lap. Orlando’s riff onslaught continued unabated until it was painfully obvious the groove was gone. To see the clip, go to youtube.com/watch?v=n88fEzMBmDQ. And don’t laugh—this could happen to you!