Version 3.3 of Acoustica Audio Editor Released

Acon Digital Media has released version 3.3 of Acoustica, an audio editing application for Windows.
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Version 3.3 contains several new features for both the ambitioned and the less experienced user. Users new to audio editing will welcome the new Cleaning Wizard that simplifies the transfer of LP records or audio tapes to CDs. The Cleaning Wizard automates the whole process from recording and track splitting to audio restoration and CD recording.

The new effect chain editor in version 3.3 allows the user to chain internal processing tools and plug-ins. The chains can be saved including their settings for later use. Each processing step in the chain can be bypassed and the processing order changed by drag and drop.

New Features:

  • Effect chains
  • New Cleaning Wizard simplifies LP or tape to CD transfers
  • Dithering and noise shaping
  • Statistics (RMS, DC offsets, loudest peak and more)
  • New stereo enhancer tool
  • Support for ACID information in wave files
  • New time formats such as sample index, SMPTE and bars and beats
  • Preview button in the file open dialog
  • Regions can be saved as separate files
  • Support for the LAME codec if installed
  • Several new usability features

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