Version 2.0 of AmpliTube Announced

IK Multimedia has revealed details and features of AmpliTube 2.0, the sequel to the guitar amp and FX modeling plug-in. AmpliTube 2 is a completely redesigned application which maintains its sound and ease of use while offering enhanced new features.

IK has also created its first hardware product for use with AmpliTube 2: AmpliTube StompIO, a dedicated USB foot controller able to fully control AmpliTube 2, live and in the studio, for full integration between hardware and software.

A completely redesigned interface with 5 Modules: Tuner, Stomp, Amp, Cabinet+Mic and Rack effects
Improved DSP emulation
Build your custom amp within 20,000 amp combinations

More than 80 models of guitar gear including: 14 Pre-Amps, 14 EQs, 7 Power Amp models, 16 cabinets, 21 Stomp effects (including Stomp models based on accurately emulated vintage gear), 11 Hi-Quality Rack effects, Microphone selection with 6 models and multiple microphone positions
20 simultaneous effects' slots with super flexible routing
2 guitar rig chains
Advanced presets management
Hi-Precision Tuner
Seamless integration with new AmpliTube StompIO USB foot controller

A completely redesigned interface with 5 separate modules
The AmpliTube 2 interface now presents a photorealistic replica of modeled amps and effects that are familiar to every guitarist for immediate sound recognition. Any parameter you need is never more than 2 clicks away, making AmpliTube 2 the fastest effects processor available for the realization of even the most complex guitar sound.

Build your custom amp within 20,000 amp combinations
AmpliTube 2's ability to mix and match amp sub-modules (PREs, EQs, POWER AMPs and CABINETs) allows to build your custom amp and craft virtually any kind of amp sound. A total of 20,000 amp combinations are possible with 14 pre-amp models, 14 EQs, 7 power amps, 16 cabinets and 6 different microphones, chaining together realistically in a hardware fashion.

More than 80 models of guitar gear included
AmpliTube 2 contains more than 80 models based on must-have acclaimed guitar hardware gear.

20 simultaneous effects' slots with super flexible routing
Up to 20 different effects can be applied simultaneously in AmpliTube 2, allowing the construction of an extremely long and elaborate effects chain.

2 guitar rig chains
AmpliTube 2 includes two complete guitar rigs made by two separate sets of Stomps, Amp-Heads, Cabinets+Microphones and Rack effects. Now two separate paths, each with a complete set-up can be played simultaneously, with the incredible power to be able to double the available stomps, amps, cabinets and racks effects into one monstrous sound setup.

High-precision Tuner
The new advanced AmpliTube 2 Tuner is at the beginning of the signal path and sports adjustable tuning reference, full note and cent deviation display, LED bar graph and bright indication of perfect tuning. The AmpliTube 2 Tuner is accessible from any point of the interface with just one click.

Advanced preset management
Unlimited presets can be saved with AmpliTube 2 with the ability to instantly recall totally different guitar rigs. Presets are neatly organized in customizable folders and include a fixed and user customizable set of keywords. This embedded information makes searching and recalling them a breeze.

Seamless integration with new Amplitube StompIO foot controller
AmpliTube StompIO is a USB foot controller designed specifically to be used with AmpliTube 2. When used with AmpliTube 2, StompIO will offer guitarists the same feeling of traditional floor processors with it's metal construction, combined with thousands of amazing amps and effects, for one monster set-up. There is no need to even see a PC screen or touch a mouse.

AmpliTube StompIO offers hi-quality direct guitar-IN, ultra low latency USB audio- IN/OUT, 10 foot switches, 7 knobs, 2 large displays, up to 6 configurable external controllers, MIDI IN/OUT, S/PDIF, balanced/unbalanced stereo outputs and direct access to over 4,000 instantly playable presets. Only an external Mac/PC is needed.

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