Variax Workbench Released for Mac and PC

Line 6 has now released Variax Workbench, an interactive, virtual custom shop available exclusively for Line 6''s Variax 300, 500 and 700 electric guitars.
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This unique product provides guitarists with their own guitar custom shop with all the tools needed to easily create, store, and share guitars they've completely customized using a computer.

Variax Workbench provides access to a collection of pickups, controls, and bodies allowing guitarists to mix and match parts to create their ideal tone. In real time, guitarists can listen to and tweak the placement and settings of each until they've come up with a guitar that is truly unique and meets their creative needs.

In addition to the customization of bodies, pickups and sound, guitarists will also be able to create and store custom tunings. Now the T-model setting can be in Open G, the Spank model can be tuned a half-step down, and the Lester model can go to Drop D.

Guitarists will be able to create, store, share and backup thousands of guitar models using Workbench's Librarian. It easily keeps track of their custom guitars, stores them on the computer's hard drive, makes them e-mailable to others, or can be used to create a CD-ROM backup to load customized guitars and tunings into any Variax. Workbench enables guitarists to fill each slot on the Variax Model knob and five-way switch with a custom guitar of their own creation.

Variax Workbench is a combination USB interface and software package that allows guitarists to see and hear the physical changes to their custom guitar in real time. It is compatible with both Windows PC and Mac OSX computers. A software only version will become available at a later date for Vetta II and PODxt Live owners.

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