V-Picks Releases Big Fattie

5.85mm-thick pick designed to deliver big tone and increase your guitar’s volume ...
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Tone, Tone, Big Tone. That is what the V-Pick Big Fattie Guitar Pick is all about. Giant mids, a huge, big, beefy low end, and a sweet, singing high end. The carefully calculated design and unique material of this guitar pick will literally unleash the sound inside of your guitar. Not only will this pick deliver better tone, it will also increase your volume dramatically. Have you ever played a chord or even a single note as hard as you can on your guitar? It will create an almost compressed sound. This is exactly how the Big Fattie sounds, except you will be playing with the lightest touch ever! That is how this magnificent guitar pick works the best, when you have your hand and fingers totally relaxed and just letting the pick do it's work, the work that it was designed for, to give you the best tone possible.

The Big Fattie is just that. A big fat pick! Lazer cut the same outer size as the Freakishly Large V-Pick. The trick to all of this tone, however, is in the thickness. 5.85mm! That is a big pick indeed. When you first hold this pick you will think, "There is no way". However, if you will give this pick just 5 minutes, you will find that you have been leaving a lot of tone inside of your guitar. You will find that you have been playing way to heavy handed all of these years. You will notice not only better tone coming from your instrument, but even better technique coming from you. You will also find yourself being inspired to play things other than the normal things you would. Much the same principle as getting a new guitar. You will then understand the principle behind The Big Fattie.

For more information, click to www.v-picks.com.