to Broadcast Slaughter by the Water this Saturday

Fans can watch the main stage performances at the festival on for a one-time payment of $1.99.
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Slaughter By The Water 3 is pleased to announce that will be joining up to stream the festival live from the USS Hornet! Fans can watch the main stage performances at the festival for a one-time payment of $1.99. The stream will be located here.

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“I want to express how extremely happy I am. After all of the time, effort and love that we put into the festival last year, 23,000 people watched the festival online via,” states Slaughter By The Water organizer Nicholas Gomez. “This year, to let the world share in this uniquely historic annual event with us just as they did before, we’re pleased to be teaming up with UStream once again!”

“The purpose for the live stream… we have Exodus performing on a military ship! Although that seems like reason enough, we’re here in the Bay Area throwing the largest metal event to depict the Bay Area’s rich musical history to the entire world,” adds Nicholas. “That’s why we’ve chosen Exodus as the headliner, because they are the originators of Bay Area thrash and got the world to “waltz it up”. What place more metal to do this than on a WWII air craft carrier?”

Aside from Bay Area thrash headliners Exodus, the main stage will also include performances by Philm, Severed Fifth, Absu, Witchaven, Impaled, Autopsy, Fog of War and Abysmal Dawn. The Pier stage will include performances by Enemy In Peril, Desecrator, Necrosin, Hemotoxin, Mudface, Scars of Envy, and ZH.

The third annual Slaughter By The Water event will take place on August 25, 2012 on the USS Hornet Aircraft Carrier in Alameda, CA. Sponsored by Monster Energy Drink, Lock & Shock, Rock The Bike, Bay Area Rocks, Scion, Native American Health Center, Dunlop, Anchor Bay Tattoos, Ustream, and Expressions College. The event is hosted by Testament’s Chuck Billy.

“Slaughter By The Water is a music festival that stands out from the rest. This is not your ‘normal’ American metal festival,” states Nicholas. “We like to keep it interesting by adding some distinct and unique notables. Also, fans can undergo the ‘nautical festival experience’ without having to leave a dock, pay expensive cruise prices, or pop some Dramamine.”

Advance tickets for the main stage performances (general admission) are on sale now and are just $35.00. Tickets cost $45.00 at the door. Tickets are available at Main stage performances begin at 5pm and go until 12:30 am aboard the USS Hornet. From noon to 9pm, access to the entire pier, which includes Pier Stage entertainment, food vendors and retailers, is FREE to the public. The pier stage is powered by Rock the Bike and anyone can join in on the fun and pedal to power the stage! In an effort to take part in green initiatives, there will be stationary bikes set up next to the Pier Stage with a power gauge. Attendees can hop on a bike to increase power to the stage… be interactive!

GET TO THE HORNET EARLY! All main stage ticket purchases also entitle you to a discounted admission rate to freely roam the USS Hornet on the day of the event between the hours of 10am to 4pm. Discounted admission is $12.00 per person in addition to the cost of the general admission ticket. Slaughter By The Water general admission tickets only get you access to the ship and our private tours after 5pm.

There is free parking at this event.

For more important information about the history of the festival, the USS Hornet and its television ties, private tours, information on the band performing and more, please visit