Upgrade Available for Switchblade Guitar Switching Systems

Sound Sculpture Musical Instrument Products announced the release of the Smart Insert Upgrade Kit for Switchblade GL, Switchblade 8B and Switchblade 8 model guitar switching systems. This upgrade is now included in all Switchblade models that ship from the factory as well.

Smart Insert, the new feature for the Switchblade, gives you fully intelligent loop control capability using the Control Change switches on your MIDI based foot controller.

To understand what Smart Insert is, you first need to understand the Switchblade family is a preset based switching system. When you change presets, your entire effect array is rewired and all gains adjusted in an instant. Although this is still a powerful way to control your effects, one limitation to this type of system is that you can't remove and re-insert individual effects of your choice, within a preset, while you are playing. At least not until now.

With Sound Sculpture's powerful, Smart Insert, you now have the ability, using your foot controller's loop control (instant access) switches, to individually remove effect devices from a preset and re-insert them back into the same location each time you press the switch. Separate switches on your foot pedal control separate loops giving you the ability to remove any or all effect loops in a preset, on the fly, while you are playing.

The name Smart Insert was adopted because of the intelligence that was integrated into the design. With the Switchblade there are no limitations in how your effects can be combined. Because of this, special issues arise when you try and remove effects on the fly. For example, different considerations must be made for effects wired in series rather than parallel or in complex networks. New gains must be calculated and special cases, such as trailing audio for echos and reverbs must be considered as well. Smart insert knows how and what effects you have wired up in a preset and makes the appropriate, intelligent changes required to keep your audio predictable and musically transparent. All this is done instantly with no delay time according to the company.

Smart Insert was designed to be easy to use. There is no need to make any changes to your current presets. Just install the kit, go to the new menu to assign MIDI Control Change numbers to the effects you have connected to the Switchblade, and you are ready to use Smart Insert.

Additional enhancements are included in the upgrade as well. The processor is twice as fast, there is a new re-transmit menu to optionally prevent re-loading your slow multi-effect units, improved Sys-Ex operation, new Sys-Ex commands, and more.

The kit includes a new microprocessor containing the new firmware which you can install yourself in the socket inside the Switchblade. A chip removal tool is included to remove the old processor and a hex wrench to remove the cover to the Switchblade. The processor is very easy to install with complete installation instructions included.

For more information, visit their web site at www.soundsculpture.com.