Updated Design for Maneco's Looper Pedal

Maneco Looper Plus is an updated version of the first product by Maneco, now including now a rec/play footswitch for easy on the fly loop recording, and tap tempo control when using the pedal as a delay.
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Other features include a new resonant filter section with cutoff control, modulation section with rate and depth, Metronome with independent output and selectable pattern footswitches for reverse and double/half pitch and time. Delays are capable of self -oscillation, which combined with the filter and modulation section opens many textures and soundscape posibilities.

There are a total of six footswitches:

  • Double/Half pitch/time
  • Rec/play
  • Hold/overdub
  • Clix (metronome on/off)
  • Bypass
  • Reverse

Seven knobs:

  • Filter cuttoff
  • Time/pitch
  • Modulation Depth
  • Modulation rate,with indicator LED
  • Metronome pattern
  • Blend
  • Feedback

Two toggle switches control the filter (on/off/type) and enable memory protect to avoid recording/overdubbing.

For more information, visit their web site at manecolooper.tripod.com.