Undiscovered Talent Hunt is on for a New Documentary Film, SYNTH GOD

LOS ANGELES July 17, 2006 - Los Angeles-based production company ZU33 is combing the planet for undiscovered synthesizer talent to include in the feature-length documentary film SYNTH GOD.

SYNTH GOD explores the world of synthesizers and electronic music, with a focus on how synthesizer players are shaping modern music and culture. But unearthing all those amazing synth wizards out there is no small task. So whether you're shredding on stage or building your own synth contraption in your basement, if you deserve to be considered for the Synth God pantheon, ZU33 wants you! The more strange and original, the better.

As producer Ryan Page puts it, "We want to find musicians that bend our minds, and put them in the film. We are interested in players from all parts of the world, all genres, all interfaces. Basically we want to review it all."

Filmmaker/musician Hans Fjellestad is set to write and direct the film, which heads into production in July 2006. In Fjellestad's words, "Over the past 50 years, keyboardists and composers have used the synthesizer to fill our heads with all kinds of unexpected sounds and ideas. These are the Synth Gods. Their pantheon is massive and full of all shapes, sounds and flavors. There are the heroes and legendary figures - which of course we are already working with - but I'm certain there are also hoards of lesser-known deities out there whose fingers are flying under the radar, and we intend to find them. Ultimately, I want to paint a huge crazy mural about every Synth God species on the planet, and the instrument that gives them their power."

This is the third music-oriented documentary feature from Fjellestad and Page, including the critically acclaimed 2004 film, MOOG.

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