Too Hot to Handle (1969-1993)
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UFO fans have always been sort of a secret society, due to the fact that the band never really attained the notoriety it seemed destined for in its late-’70s heyday. This DVD shows some great footage of the hallowed Michael Schenker era, as well as a couple of cuts with Schenker successor Paul Chapman, the lesser known Laurence Archer, and original guitarist Mick Bolton. The bulk of the tunes, however, feature a very young Schenker plugging a black Flying V into his Marshall stacks. Schenker’s playing is absolutely on fire, with beautifully composed solos in “This Kids” and “Out in the Street” (a great showcase for his signature bends and vibrato). Surprisingly, he doesn’t use a half-cocked wah pedal to get his trademark penetrating tone until the “Lights Out” solo, which is a real barnburner. Schenker’s guitar work is all the more impressive when you consider that this footage is from the mid-1970s, and he’s barely 20 years old. It’s completely obvious why he influenced as many hard rock guitarists as he did. Damn. (Cherry Red).
—Matt Blackett