U2's Ground Control

With an engaging frontman like Bono, a crafty guitarist like Edge, and a solid drummer like Larry Mullen Jr., you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to figure out how to play bass in U2: plunk eighth-notes and hold on for the ride. But there is a deeper story behind the thoughtful approach and exacting precision in Adam Clayton’s style. Streamlined and aerodynamic, Adam’s phrases are what give U2 its lift and thrust. When Edge departs mid-song to explore new ethereal melodic worlds, it’s Adam who takes the helm and steers the songs through their changes. And when there’s space to fill between Bono’s lilting lyrical phrases, Clayton’s clever little countermelodies answer the call. Whatever the tune, Adam is there with the perfect line and the perfect tone.A kid from Dublin, Ireland who grew up listening to the Beatles, Adam is now more than 25 years into his career playing in one of pop music’s greatest bands, a group of childhood pals who combined forces to rule the music wo