Tweety from Henriksen Adds Acoustic Properties to Traditional Amps

Tweety plugs into the extension speaker jack of a traditional amplifier, and extends the higher frequency overtones needed to properly amplify an acoustic instrument...
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For musicians who need an amplifier that works for both acoustic and electric instruments, the Henriksen Amplifiers Tweety™ is a simple, practical, and inexpensive way to get a good sound from acoustic instruments using a standard amplifier.

The desired tone for flattop and nylon string guitar players requires a speaker system that responds to higher frequency overtones so that the bright and crisp tones those guitars produce acoustically is properly reproduced. Standard guitar amplifiers do not typically reproduce those high frequency tones very well, and "acoustic" amplifiers typically sound too thin and weak for standard electric guitars. Musicians are left to find one amp that is a compromise in tone for both electric and acoustic guitar, or to spend hundreds, even thousands of dollars on a separate amp for their acoustic guitars.

For about the price of a stompbox, Tweety allows a musician to have a warm, rich sounding amplifier that will also bring out the brilliant highs of flattop acoustic guitars. A musician simply plugs the Tweety into the extension speaker jack of their amplifier, and they now have the extended range needed to properly amplify an acoustic instrument. We have also included a volume control to adjust the overall amount of high frequencies reproduced. The Tweety has two parallel in/out jacks for daisy-chaining, and a microphone mount so it can be placed anywhere in a room, creating a wide field effect which adds to the natural acoustic sound of an instrument.

Tweety has a built in crossover (2.5 kHz), two parallel in/out jacks and a level control knob. The Tweety is available now for a retail price of $139.

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