Tweak Head Technology Releases New Product For Enhancing Guitar And Bass Signal

Tweak Head Technology, LLC today announced the immediate availability of their latest product called ToneFREQ Jr ( Worn on a guitar or bass player’s strap, the device allows users to significantly improve the sound of their instrument, cables and amplifier by correcting and optimizing instrument signal at its source. In addition to improving the sound of instruments and cables, ToneFREQ Jr lets users variably boost output volume by providing as much as 18 dB of clean gain. This has the benefit of allowing the user to find the sweet spot of operation for both their instrument and amplifier. The combination of these features and design translates to a dramatic improvement in instrument and amplifier sound.
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John D’Orto, Vice President of Marketing for Tweak Head Technology, states, “We’re sure that players will experience an improvement in their sound using this device. We introduced the original ToneFREQ just 6 months ago and it has already changed how some of the greatest guitarists in the world are recording their music and performing live. If anything, ToneFREQ Jr will have a greater impact because it isn’t just for guitarists. Bass players can improve their sound as well. ToneFREQ Jr is a new type of direct box that is equally at home working with your amp or console.”

Tweak Head Technology’s efforts have not gone unnoticed. World renown guitarist Kevin Cadogan says “After one records with a ToneFREQ, one feels an absolute responsibility to all listeners to keep recording with it". The former guitarist and writer for Third Eye Blind has more than 8 million albums sold to date. Cadogan has been using ToneFREQ in the studio with his new band Radio Angel which features members of Smash Mouth and Stroke 9. Like the revolutionary original ToneFREQ, ToneFREQ Jr is hand-built and assembled in the USA using the best components available. It is a true bypass device which requires no modifications to the instrument, weighs just 6 ounces and operates for more than 250 hours from a single 9-volt battery.

About the company
Founded in 2005 by guitar enthusiasts John D’Orto and Scott Glorioso, Tweak Head Technology’s mission is to provide musicians, producers, recording engineers and tone connoisseurs with the best tools possible. Previously, the two have had experience developing products for companies such as Avid Technology, Apple Computer, Eastman Kodak Corporation, Palm, Inc. and Lucent Technologies. ToneFREQ Jr carries a $119.95 MSRP and is currently available direct from Tweak Head Technology.

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