Tregan Guitars Changes Distribution Method – Sells Direct at Wholesale Prices

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Starting on December 1, 2011 Tregan Guitars, makers of the Shaman, Syren and SyrenXT line of electric guitars and Shaman Basses, is changing its distribution method to selling direct to the public at wholesale prices.

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By selling direct, Tregan Guitars is able to remove the markup added by dealers, reducing the prices to wholesale levels without having to change the quality or manufacturing of the guitars. A move, Tregan Guitars says, will make their guitars affordable to more people.

“When I started Tregan Guitars, our motto was ‘Plays like the Pros, Priced for Everyone’.

The idea is that we are going to make great playing guitars and sell them at the best prices.” Says Tregan’s President, Tony Guarriello. “I think we have done a great job proving that the quality and playability of our guitars stand up with the best. I realized however, that we could do something about prices and make the guitars affordable to a lot more people. Going direct allows us to do that without sacrificing quality.”

For more information contact Tregan Guitars 855-4-TREGAN or 717-262-0010.