Traveler Guitar Introduces Groundbreaking Portable Amp For Guitar Players On the Go

A bold initiative in lightweight guitar amplifier design, Traveler Guitar introduces the FlipTone v.25—a portable laptop-sized nine lb. amplifier, providing a professional sound wherever you go.

"The FlipTone v.25 is the most portable full-featured, self-contained amp on the market today," explained Corey Oliver of Traveler Guitar.

Whether traveling to a gig, on vacation, or playing for friends while camping, the FlipTone v. 25 offers a surprisingly rich, complex, and powerful sound. It can be used with any acoustic guitar, including the compact Traveler Guitars.

The American-made FlipTone utilizes licensed flat panel speaker technology by NXT—a world leader in audio technology engineering. NXT's designs ( represent the most significant advance in loudspeaker technology in more than 80 years. While flat panel speakers have been successfully employed for some time in the high-end audio business, Oliver's team was the first to incorporate the technology in an instrument amplifier design.

"Our mission has always been to deliver full scale sound and playability in a portable package," continued Oliver. "Using this latest technology, we've finally found a way to accomplish this with an amplifier."

The FlipTone's speaker was custom-made by renowned British manufacturer Fane Acoustics ( It is far thinner and lighter than a traditional cone speaker, and sounds better too, with a unique ability to deliver a broader band of frequency response than traditional technologies.

The rugged, brushed aluminum amp boasts 25-watts of clean power, with a rechargeable "laptop-style" battery that's good for five to six hours of continuous play. Also included are eight built-in digital effects, two ¼" / XLR dual use jacks, RCA inputs (for MP3 or CD player), and an external speaker output.

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