Traben Teams With Bootsy Collins For The Bootzilla Signature Model Bass

Traben Bass Company has unveiled the first pre-production model of their new signature model bass, dubbed the Bootzilla.
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Traben basses have made a name for themselves with their "Bigger Bridge - Bigger Tone" innovation. Basses with massive chrome plated brass bridges have become instantly recognizable to the eyes and the ears as distinctly a Traben. Traben claims and incidentally, backs up the claim, that its Bigger Bridges with their increased bridge to body contact increase sustain, attack and definition of note when compared to an industry standard bridge.

It was really only a matter of time that a top-shelf bassist searching for a bass that sounds as loud and big as it looks would find Traben Bass Company and call it home. A match was seemingly made in bass heaven when the flamboyant renown bassist Bootsy Collins decided to team up with them to take the Traben Bigger Bridge sound a few steps toward the funk and create a bass that would be an extension of his own style and music genius.

Traben's Product manager, Todd Rockfield added, "We worked diligently to dial in Bootsy's desired specifications and tone, while still keeping the feel and performance that he demands from his basses and we demand from a Traben. Finally after a few developmental prototypes and numerous custom wiring patterns, the Bootzilla Traben Bass was born."

On the outside, the bold look is predictably preserved with a massive shooting star themed Bigger Bridge as well as shooting star inlays on the fretboard. The bold visuals are backed up with big bold tone - it is what's on the inside that counts! For its electronic heart, Traben worked closely with Aguilar Amplification to create a unique 18 volt active electronics system that was customized around the Bootzila's overall construction and design. A special wiring pattern was also designed to provide increased bass boost and treble roll off. This, coupled with Bootsy's choice of two Seymour Duncan Quarter Pounder j-style pickups and the aforementioned shooting star Bigger Bridge, gives the Bootzilla all the versatility, dynamics and deep resonating thump to be truly funktastic!

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