Toneworks Expands Line of Modeling Signal Processors

ToneWorks has added two new dedicated multi-effects units to its AX line of modeling signal processors: the AX5G (electric guitar) and AX5B (bass). Both feature Korg x2019;s exclusive REMS (Resonant structure and Electronic circuit Modeling System) technology to deliver accurate and realistic models of the world?x2019;s most sought-after amps, cabinets, acoustic guitars and effects.
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Like the popular AX3G and AX3B modeling processors, each AX5 unit is equipped with 80 programs (40 preset, 40 user), 58 realistic modeling effects with editable parameters, an auto chromatic tuner with mute for silent onstage tuning, and an intuitive, knob-based interface for quick, easy program and effect selection. The AX5G and AX5B also add an expression pedal, which provides limitless expressive power.

The AX5G x2014; Amp and Effects Models for the Guitarist

The AX5G has 16 amp and distortion models ranging from warm, fat tube amps to extreme overdrive/fuzz, along with ten cabinet models from 4x12 stacks to combo cabinets. Also provided are a complete selection of effects such as compressor, wah-wah, ambience effects such as delay and reverb, and additional effects including a drone effect that simulates the sympathetic strings on a sitar, acoustic guitar simulation, and a unique effect that reproduces the sounds of different pickups.

The AX5B x2014; Amp and Effects Models for the Bassist

The AX5B provides 16 famous bass amp models ranging from vintage to modern, from fat and warm tube sounds to clean bass sounds, along with 10 cabinet models. Effect types include compressor, an octaver to add powerful bottom end, plus numerous modulation and ambience effects. A full complement of effects including compressor, octaver, reverb, fretless, bowed and synth bass are also provided.

The expression pedal on both models provides foot control over an effect in real time. It can be used to control volume, wah or nearly any effect parameter, including the gain of an amp model or the speed of a tremolo or flanger, providing great expressive potential for live performances. A three-color LED indicates the effect (volume, wah, etc.) that is assigned to the expression pedal. A Quick Assign function allows users to assign an effect parameter with one touch and adjust the variable pedal range for maximum flexibility.

Additional features for each compact unit include an AMP/LINE select switch and a dual-purpose line/headphone output jack (stereo 1/4"). An easy-to-read LED indicator provides an instant visual reference of program information. Both modelers can be powered by four AA batteries or via an optional DC9V adapter.

The ToneWorks AX5G and AX5B are available August 2006 with respective U.S. MSRPs of $119 and $129.