ToneCore Liqua-Flange from Line 6

Line 6 has announced the latest addition to the ToneCore series of stompboxes, Liqua-Flange.
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Liqua-Flange features Digital, Liquid, and Analog models all with pass-through-zero flanging and selectable negative or positive polarity. Controls for Time, Speed (with LFO off position), Feedback, and Depth allow for simple yet versatile tone shaping.

Unique to Liqua-Flange is an innovative wave shape control that delivers 11 selectable waveforms including saw down, saw up, envelope down, envelope up, sine, step, random, vintage, chorus, trigger up, and trigger down.

Liqua-Flange also features a two-in-one on/off and tap tempo footswitch, stereo ins and outs, and can be powered by a standard 9 Volt battery, or optional DC-1 power supply.

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