Tonebone Trimode Distortion Now Shipping

Radial Engineering has announced shipments of the Tonebone Trimode, a tube distortion pedal that features a ''true bypass'' clean tone, and two separate distortion modes for rhythm and lead settings.
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Like the Tonebone Classic, the Trimode is a 12AX7 equipped tube distortion pedal that combines the warmth and harmonic generation of a vacuum tube with proprietary solid-state overdrive circuitry to create it's distinctive amp-like character. It features two distortion channels each of which is equipped with variable input drive and output level controls plus three position selectable mid-range controls for added body and sustain for soloing. For added flexibility, channel-1 is characterized with a more 'open' sound while channel-2 is more focused in the mid range to accentuate soloing.

Common controls to both channels include a three-position drive range control for low, medium and high saturation, bass and treble 'passive interactive' equalization, and a high frequency roll-off filter that lets you tame overly bright amplifiers. The overall 'character' of the Classic Tri-Mode can be set for 'dark, normal or bright' to allow the guitarist to further achieve his ideal tone.

To add even greater control, the Trimode is equipped with a 1/4" TRS effects insert loop on channel two whereby when channel two is engaged, and effect such as reverb or echo may be automatically activated to enhance the solo. This allows the guitarist to pre-set upcoming effects and with a single foot action.

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