Tone Box Pedal Joins ElectroKraft Lineup

New from ElectroKraft is the "Tone Box," a tone enhancement stomp box designed to improve the sound of guitar or bass pickups and provide greater control over your tone.

The "Tone Box" is electronically known in the high end stereo world as a "passive pre-amp". A term coined by Hi-Fi stereo enthusiasts to describe a component used before an amplifier like an active pre-amp, but retains the true tone and sound of the amplified device. In this case the "Tone Box" retains the true, natural tone clarity of a guitar or bass.

Active pre-amps, on the other hand contain non-linear components (IC chips) that introduce some distortion causing the natural tone of the guitar wood and pickups to be lost according to the company. Since the "Tone Box" is a passive device there is no power supply or battery required.

The "Tone Box" is intended for the tone purist. ElectroKraft reports that customers have described the "Tone Box" as allowing them to dial in hollow body Jazz guitar sounds on a Strat or Tele as well as guitars with humbucker pickups. They've also described slight compression and pickup enhancement that allowed them to "tune in" an array of new tone colors.


  • True bypass footswitch
  • Frequency control knob
  • Tone saturation knob
  • Coil switch. Provides 2 options of tone depth
  • Standard 1/4" in/out jacks
  • A cool retro look in an all aluminum stomp box package

The "Tone Box" is hand made and can also be "tuned" to your style of playing to allow more bass frequencies, more treble frequencies, or more mid range frequencies to come through your amp. The "Tone Box" can also be custom made and tuned for bass players.

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