Third Eye Blind

A Collection

Jeez, band breakups can be nasty. Perhaps that’s why ousted Third Eye Blind guitarist Kevin Cadogan—the lead guitarist and co-composer on many of Third Eye Blind’s biggest hits and most fan-adored album tracks (many of which you’ll find in this collection)—receives no mention anywhere in this retrospective’s extensive liner notes. “Always,” it states in the 16-page booklet, “the music profited from [singer Stephan] Jenkins’ interplay with bassist Arion Salazar, drummer Brad Hargreaves, and guitarist Tony Fredianelli [Cadogan’s replacement]”—yeah, always, except for on, um, the first eight million Third Eye Blind albums sold. The claim is a bit like stating, “Always, Guns N’ Roses’ music profited from Axl Rose’s interplay with guitarist Buckethead.”

While Cadogan’s mesmerizing guitar riffs were the perfect complement to Jenkins’ compelling lyrics and melodies (spin “God of Wine” to hear said Third Eye Blind “interplay” at its most alluring), Cadogan—a master of open tunings and post-modern, California-filtered, Brit-rock über-jangle—is actually underrated. His inspired contributions to mid-/late-’90s riff rock were obscured by Third Eye Blind’s immense success as a Top 40/radio/“chick rock” band and somewhat overlooked in guitar circles, and a liner notes omission of this magnitude certainly doesn’t help matters. Rhino is, no doubt, the hippest, most relevant, and most comprehensive reissue label the record industry has ever produced, and can usually be depended upon to get rock and roll history spot-on. But don’t worry, Rhino, whenever you need some friendly assistance with the guitar story, GP’s got your back.( Rhino).
—Jude Gold