The Zoe Combo Joins TheAirtightGarage's Tube Amp Lineup

TheAirtightGarage'' Zoe is a three ten combo amp with thirty-two watts of power. It is a single channel two input amplifier with top mounted controls for volume (1 & 2), bass, treble, presense, standby and power.
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As with all of TheAirtightGarage amplifiers, the cabinet is solid hardwood. Tube complement is one 12AY7, one 5751, one 12AT7, two 6L6WGB's and one 5U4GB.

The output section can be switched to triode mode for a large reduction in power and a change in tone for practice or studio work. The noise floor is extremely low with lots of headroom and breakup occours much later on the volume control.

Standard the Zoe comes with three Alnico tens, all NOS tubes, all hand made cabinet, point to point circuitry on turett boards, hand rubbed shellac, brass nameplate and a lifetime warranty.

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