The Sadies

In Concert Vol. 1
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Recorded over two nights at Lee’s Palace in Toronto by legendary knob-twiddler Steve Albini, In Concert Vol. 1 is everything a double-live album should be, capturing the energy and abandon of a band bringing its music to life in front of an audience. And the Sadies’ high-energy country/bluegrass/Morricone/ Byrdsian workouts are an absolute blast live. Brothers Travis and Dallas Good bring the heavy twang with just the right dose of hallucinogenic revelry. From hyper-speed flatpicked instrumentals, to stony cowboy laments, to guest Jon Spencer adding some bluesy sleaze to the proceedings (Neko Case also appears on the album), In Concert Vol. 1 is proof that the Sadies’ brand of psychedelic roots music is as potent as ever. Yep Roc.