The Ritter Royal Flora Aurum

Jens Ritter’s basses are among the most beautiful, intricate, and expensive works of playable art, but it’s safe to say he’s topped himself with the Ritter Royal Flora Aurum: The bass’s body is carved from an extremely rare, solid piece of the finest quilted maple. Its bridge, tuners, and knobs are hand-cast solid gold. Two flawless diamonds—totaling 3.3 carats—adorn the volume and tone knobs. Then there’s the gold leaf covering the back of the neck and headstock, the tiny green-diamond knob position markers, and the ebony fingerboard’s Renaissance-inspired solid-gold flower inlay—each leaf decorated with a platinum-set black diamond. And the nut? Carved from 10,000-year-old Siberian mammoth-tusk ivory. Unlike most Ritter basses, which start around $6,000, the Flora Aurum—created to mark Ritter Basses’ tenth anniversary—is priced at $100,000, well above even most of high-priced Ritter Royal series, which has basses starting around $15,000. Still, $100,000 could perhaps be considered