The Mother Truckers

Let’s All Go to Bed [Funzalo]
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The Mother Truckers’ resident guitar madman, Josh Zee, was profiled in the October 1999 issue of GP when he fronted the countrified rock trio Protein. Fans of his super-clever tunes and funny/ferocious solos definitely need to check out this latest release from these Austin, Texas cats. The album opens with Zee’s impossibly funky cluckfest on “Dynamite.” In “Streets of Atlanta,” he does what starts out as a “Honky Tonk Women” tribute but, when the solo hits, it’s as if Keef steps out for a smoke and an unholy hybrid of Joe Walsh and Paul Gilbert picks, squawks, and shreds through the lead break. Zee does some great Danny-Gatton-on-acid chromatic licks on the title track, along with righteous bends and double stops. No matter how technically dazzling his playing gets, it always has a refreshing sense of humor. He shares guitar and vocal duties with the bumpalicious Teal Collins (who also plays ukulele—how hot is that?), and together they make this album a mother trucking blast. 
—Matt Blackett