Thanks Jimi Festival in Wroclaw Poland Saturday May 21, 2005

This summer will see the 3rd edition of a street festival commemorating Jimi Hendrix and his music.
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In 2003, 588 guitarists gathered together in Wroclaw's historic Old Town Square to play Hendrix songs together, and the following year more than 900 performed in this growing festival—with an estimated 1,500 additional observers in the audience. Even greater numbers are expected in 2005.

The Thanks Jimi Festival is organized by master guitarist and Hendrix interpreter Leszek Cichonski, who will lead the crowd in playing “Hey Joe,” “Little Wing,” “Wild Thing,” and “Red House,” as well as introducing performances by some of Poland’s finest guitarists.

As in the past two years, the festival will be preceded by a two-month educational workshop via mass media and the Internet. “My idea was to teach people the songs so that we would be able to play them together,” says Cichonski. “And step by step we mastered three songs.“

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