Tech 21 Boost R.V.B.

I’ll admit up front that I’m not a reverb kind of guy. I love dry, in-your-face guitar tones that sound as if they were whipped with bamboo rods until their bruised and shattered sonics rage with cascading yowls of anger and madness. Ahem. Having said that, I must also admit that the Boost R.V.B. ($195 retail/$149 street) is a blast to use, sounds wonderful, and may have slightly cured my aversion to ambience.
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The pedal delivers everything from spank to surf to sheen, and it shares the same construction and operational details as its sibling, the Boost D.L.A. I was able to easily translate some of my studio tricks—such as darkening the timbre of a huge reverb setting, and mixing the wash ever so slightly behind the guitar sound to “three-dimensionalize” solos—using the Mix, Tone, and Feedback (which oscillates to produce spring-reverb effects) knobs. I didn’t use the Rumble control much, as I found little use for diminishing or pumping up low end, nor did I find the Level/Boost function that attractive, as I don’t often solo with reverb. These are personal quirks—other players may love these features, and they do work well. Whether you’re into subtle ripples, or bathing your tone in a virtual ocean, the Boost R.V.B. is a marvelous tool.

Excellent sound. Easily tweakable. Tough as nails.

Solo boost is overkill, unless you’re a real reverb fiend.

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