TC Electronic Presents Three New TonePrints by Troy Van Leeuwen of Queens of the Stone Age


The line of amazing guitarists tweaking the inner parameters of TC Electronic’s TonePrint guitar pedal range to create their own personal and downloadable sounds is growing at a rocking rate. Recently Troy Van Leeuwen set out to create three fluttering and warbly TonePrints for Flashback Delay and Hall of Fame Reverb. Troy has previously stated, “TC Electronic always seems to be a part of this ever-changing experiment that is my sound” – this is now truer than ever.

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For his TonePrints, Troy wanted to break some of the limitations that trouble touring musicians and create a package that would stand not only the nightly stomping, but also provide a dependable sonic palette to experiment from. The first TonePrint, ‘Warble Tape Delay’ for Flashback Delay, addresses the fact that analog tape delays are not only expensive, but also ill-suited to survive a life on the road. While creating this TonePrint, Troy was looking for a warbly, dark tape delay sound with plenty of flutter. Quite similar to what can be heard on old tape delays where the tape is almost worn out.

Similarly, the second TonePrint, ‘Vibrato Spring Reverb’ for Hall of Fame Reverb, is about exceeding the mechanical limitations of an analogue spring reverb, but the fun didn’t stop there. The starting point was an idea of creating a dark version of a vintage Twin Reverb, but the modulation feature available was irresistible and Troy ended up with quite a modulated reverb.

The last TonePrint, again for Flashback Delay, was named ‘Quick Slap Delay.’ This TonePrint has a very short delay time and just a few delay repeats which provides an ambient effect similar to adding a room mic to a “close-micing-setup” when recording guitars. A super-cool way to bring this often neglected effect to the stage.

About Troy Van Leeuwen

Troy Van Leeuwen began playing music at young age and started playing the guitar at age 13. Soon Van Leeuwen was playing in various local bands and soon became a sought-after session player. Van Leeuwen was later asked to play guitar in A Perfect Circle. After recording A Perfect Circle's second album, Troy auditioned for Josh Homme's Queens of the Stone Age, and was welcomed into the band as their second guitar player.As always, Troy Van Leeuwen’s TonePrints are available as free downloads on TC Electronic’s website!

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