Taylor Presents Fire Up the Fans Summer Demand Contest

Win a Grand Prize of $5,000 and three Taylor guitars ...
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Taylor Guitars and Eventful have teamed up to create a summer competition dubbed "Fire Up The Fans," in which bands compete for a grand prize of $5,000 and three Taylor guitars. The competition encourages music fans to use Eventful's online "Demand" tool to request an artist performance in their area. The area with the highest concentration of fan requests will be awarded a concert by the winning band.

If you are an artist or a band, this is a great opportunity to mobilize your fans. Taylor will be giving away brand new guitars to the top five bands. Musicians can log on and enter the competition at eventful.com.

"We're excited to see how fans and musicians get behind this competition," said Bob Borbonus, Taylor's Director of Entertainment Relations. "Bands receive top of the line gear from Taylor and a load of cash, while fans get a live show from the winning band in their city—everyone wins. We've learned that fans love it when an opportunity arises for them to truly show support for their favorite bands. The element of fan participation and advocacy will only enhance the opportunity for emerging artists to showcase their talent by way of a game-changing music industry tool like Eventful Demand."

Taylor has been leveraging Eventful's viral, grass-roots Demand tool in conjunction with the Taylor Road Shows. Taylor enthusiasts are encouraged to visit eventful.com and "demand" a Taylor Road Show for their town.

To view the competition please visit eventful.com/taylorguitars.