Taylor Guitars' Eleventh Factory Fridays Video Focuses On The Finish Department

On the first Friday of each month, Taylor Guitars posts a special "Factory Fridays" video segment on its website, so that visitors can get a close-up look at how raw tonewoods become beautiful guitars in the hands of Taylor''s able artisans.
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Last month's episode, "Spraying a Sunburst, Part 1," prompted numerous viewer requests for a more in-depth look at the finishing process, so Taylor has responded with "Finish, Part 2," the eleventh video in the Factory Friday series.

In "Finish, Part 2" Production Manager Chris Wellons walks us through the basic preparations, hand detailing, UV-curing, electrostatic robotic spray finishing, robotic buffing and various other processes that are involved in creating the alluring, mirror-like gloss finish on every Taylor T5.

All the Factory Friday videos are online at the Taylor website. Click the "See/Hear" tab on the Taylor homepage, and then choose the video you want to watch.

For more information, visit their web site at www.taylorguitars.com.