Take Your Niacin

John Novello doesn’t have time for musical genres. Whether you find him composing or recording, teaching or authoring a new instructional book, he’s likely too busy engaging the creative process to worry about classifying his output. Just listen to any track off of Organik, the most recent release from his organ trio Niacin, and you’ll see why labels such as fusion, rock, jazz, prog, and funk only begin to scratch the surface. Often frenetic, often searing, John’s fleet-fingered, crunchy organ chops and sweet synth playing bring to mind an array of influences that range from Edgar Winter to Chick Corea, Billy Preston to Chester Thompson. Combined with the expert work of bassist Billy Sheehan and drummer Dennis Chambers, John’s playing helps create music that’s inspired, passionate, and utterly incompatible with any bins you’d find at your local record store. Don’t fear the undefined, though: Both highly structured and engagingly visceral, Organik is an enigma well worth investigatin
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