Tab Benoit On Right and Wrong

“There are no bad notes when you’re speaking from your heart,” says Cajun blues ace Tab Benoit. “You might find things that don’t fit theoretically if you write it out, but when you listen to the music as a whole and get the overall feeling of the song, you see why those notes belong there. That’s an especially big part of the blues. The worst thing you can do on a blues recording is go back and change some off color note that came out by accident. The reality is that those notes are not accidents. They represent what you were feeling at the time, so let them ride. I try to keep it like that. I always record live with no overdubs. I don’t think about anything specifically, I just try to make it feel like music, and make it represent how I felt when I was playing that music. It takes years to learn how to capture specific feelings and get them across. I get closer and closer to being able to do that consistently as time goes on.”
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