The first thing you notice about the T100 is its warm appearance.
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The first thing you notice about the T100 is its warm appearance. The solid red cedar top and sweet wood binding give it a burnished, smoky glow that is just plain inviting. The wood tuner buttons and rosette only add to this vibe, as does the striking Indonesian rosewood bridge. The back and sides are groovy old-port mahogany, and the deep red hue looks great under the gloss finish. The binding on the back and sides is a 3-ply affair composed of mahogany, maple, and black plastic that goes with the overall look quite well, but some color bleed was apparent upon close inspection. The mahogany neck is comfortable and substantial, and the action was set at a perfect height that’s low enough to play barre chords easily, but high enough that hard strumming or picking doesn’t get buzzy.


Strumming a chord reveals a tone that is indeed warm, but with a shimmering top end and plenty of volume. The sound is well balanced—the low notes of big chords never overpower the higher notes. Fingerpicked passages jump out in a lively way with good sustain. The only tonal hang I have is that, despite its compensated saddle, the T100 pinches a little sharp as you go up the neck. This makes it a little tough to play chords in, say, the seventh position that also incorporate open strings.

This model comes equipped with LÂG’s StudioLâg preamp and Nanoflex undersaddle pickup. It’s an interesting system that has a Volume control and a 5-position tone modifier that reminds me a Vari-Tone knob on a Gibson ES-355. Into a Genz-Benz Shenandoah, presets 3 and 4 were warm and full, and had no piezo harshness. The other three settings were strangely mid-notched sounding, and while they didn’t produce an organic acoustic-guitar sound, they could work for layering textures or for special effects. All in all, the T100ACE-BRS is affordable, easy to play, and big sounding, and it definitely merits a look from anyone going acoustic shopping.


CONTACT LÂG Guitars (distributed by Korg USA); usa.lagguitars.com

Price $675 retail/street price N/A

Nut Width 1 11/16"

Neck Mahogany

Fretboard Indonesian Rosewood

Frets 20 medium nickel (14 clear of the body)

TUNERS Lubricated high precision tuners with tulip buttons

BODY Old port mahogany back and sides, solid red cedar top

BRIDGE Indonesian Rosewood string-through style with compensated saddle

ELECTRONICS StudioLâg preamp, Nanoflex Piezo

FACTORYSTRINGS Elixir Nanoweb, .011-.052

WEIGHT 4.06 lbs.

KUDOS Attractive cosmetics. Full, balanced tone.

CONCERNS Slight intonation problems.

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