T-Rex Michael Angelo Batio Signature Overdrive

Featuring a polished aluminum enclosure emblazoned with Batio’s WWII-era Air Force star, the Michael Angelo Batio Overdrive ($269 retail/$200 street) looks like the pedal equivalent of a P-51 fighter. Batio is known for shredding at light speed on twin guitars, so I figured this pedal might be a little out of my realm, but was I mistaken.

This is possibly the most evenly balanced, musically useful overdrive I’ve ever come across. With the Gain at 12 o’clock, it delivers a wonderfully subtle crunch sound. Crank up the Gain and you get progressively heavier saturation that never becomes obtrusive on your fundamental tone. Give the Tone knob a twist to three o’ clock, and it adds a nice chime to high-gain sounds. Even when used in conjunction with other gain-inducing pedals and amps, this pedal always sounds upfront and present when you kick it on. Well done!

Cool looking. Delivers responsive, fabulously transparent overdrive tones.

Might not pack enough distortion for hardcore metalheads.

(805) 644-6621; t-rex-engineering.com