Swineshead Pickups Introduces The Venom High-Output Humbucker

Custom pickup manufacturer Swineshead has introduced a new high outut humbucker called the Venom.
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The Venom combines a high output with a bright, clear tone which allows for a great sound through everything from the cleanest amp to the heaviest distortion. 12 black hex head polepieces and a large ceramic magnet work together to provide a powerful and responsive tone that is a great choice for metal and hard rock.

Like all other Swineshead pickups, the Venom is available in a wide range of colours, exotic woods and graphic designs. Each pickup is handmade in the English village of Swineshead and comes with all the necessary screws and springs to mount it in your guitar.

DC Resistances:

  • Bridge - 16.0k
  • Neck - 10.1k
  • Magnet: Ceramic bar

For more information, visit their web site at www.swinesheadpickups.com.