Sweetwater, Guitar Tricks to Give Away Robot Les Paul Studio

Sweetwater and Guitar Tricks have partnered this month to give away a Gibson Limited Edition Robot Les Paul Studio...
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This guitar, a $3,999 retail value, can automatically tune itself to standard or alternate tunings, and is equipped to be a great aid in intonating as well.

Sweetwater's online Guitar Gallery features close-up views of more than 1,000 acoustic and electric guitars and basses, allowing customers to choose the exact guitar they want. See it at www.sweetwater.com/guitargallery/.

Guitartricks.com offers online lessons taught by a hand-selected group of instructors, technicians, and professional guitarists. Subscribers have access to a large library of video and audio lessons, tutorials, sheet music, reference, exercises, personalization tools, and more. Guitarists can sign up for 24 free lessons to sample what is available to full access subscribers.

Guitarists can enter the Robot Les Paul contest at www.guitartricks.com.