Summer NAMM Reports & Photos!

Hot New Gear News from Nashville....

BASS PLAYER's Jonathan Herrera, and GUITAR PLAYER's Michael Molenda and Art Thompson traveled to Nashville to attend the Summer NAMM show on July 17-19. It was a small show with many big players such as Marshall, Fender, and Gibson opting not to participate this year. However, traffic on the show floor was robust—the show certainly wasn't a "ghost town," as feared by some—and quite a few mid- to small-sized manufacturers stated that they enjoyed the added attention thrown their way in the absence of some major companies. (It just goes to show that a downturn for some is an opportunity for others.)

As MPN is still in the process of redesigning the BASS PLAYER, EQ, GUITAR PLAYER, and KEYBOARD Web sites, we cannot compile all of our NAMM coverage onto one dedicated Web location. You'll have to click around a bit, but if you're a player who obsesses over gear and wants to see the new stuff before his or her buddies, the slightly extra effort will be worth it.

Jonathan Tweeted his report from the show floor, so to catch up on the hottest bass gear, click to

For Mike's reports on new guitar and technology gear, click to for photo albums and links. For Art's NAMM coverage, click here!

And, of course, if you're not in a hurry, you can always catch our SNAMM wrap-ups in upcoming issues of BASS PLAYER, EQ, GUITAR PLAYER, and KEYBOARD.