Studio Necessities DirectX Bundle Updated to Version 2.0

Acon Digital Media announced the public release of Studio Necessities 2.0, a collection of DirectX compatible plug-ins.
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Studio Necessities consists of the following plug-ins:

  • StudioVerb, a reverberation simulator
  • StudioModulator, a phaser effect and delay modulation effects such as flanger and chorus
  • StudioEQ, a six-band full parametric equalizer with six different filter types, including peak and shelving filters
  • StudioLimiter, a brickwall limiter
  • StudioDynamics, a versatile dynamic processor
  • StudioDelay, a multi-tap delay effect

New in version 2.0 is a brick wall limiter plug-in suitable for increasing the overall level of final mixes. The graphical user interfaces were completely redesigned in all plug-ins. Further improvements were made in the reverb algorithm, which now allows even higher densities without coloration according to the company. StudioDelay now supports a tempo sync mode, where the delay times are specified in beats.

The plug-ins support multi-channel audio up to eight channels, including 5.1 and 7.1 surround formats. Both PCM formats (up to 32 bit resolution) and floating point (IEEE 32 bit) formats are supported.

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