STETSBAR S-TYPE VIBRATO SYSTEM for Stratocaster-style guitars

STETSBAR S-TYPE VIBRATO SYSTEM for vibrato-loaded Stratocaster-style guitars...
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Since its introduction 10 years ago, Stetsbar has achieved world-wide status with Gibson players who, until then, could only install a vibrato system on their beloved instrument if they took drastic non-reversible measures with a drill or routing machine.

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Now Strat players can also enjoy the sonic fruits of Stetsbar, with the new ‘S’-Type model, a unique vibrato system that simply ‘drops-in’ to Strat-style guitar body cavities, while being non-invasive and totally reversible.

The new ‘S’-Type Stetsbar retro-fit system, retains all the glories of the original unrivalled Stetsbar Pro II design. Unlike Stetsbar systems, the biggest issue with a normal floating vibrato is that the whole set up is balanced at the zero point against the pull of the strings so that any change in the tension, breaking a string or drop D tuning for example, will drastically put the system out-of-true.

The Stetsbar is unique in that its “floating lock” maintains accurate tuning even if a string is broken while still allowing action within the vibrato.

Another major advantage of the Stetsbar is that the complete unit, including bridge, saddles and strings, effortlessly glides friction free on highly engineered roller bearings.

Not only does this totally eliminate string drag but also the travel path operates with precision accuracy whilst maintaining total stability and accurate tuning and still operating above and below the centre of pitch. Ask the professionals, there’s an impressive list of users.

Stetsbar vibrato systems are complete with full instructions and are also available for stop-tail guitars such as the Les Paul, SG, Flying V, hard tail guitars such as Tele Customs or Ibanez guitars and Telecaster style guitars. There’s also an OEM model for custom builders.