Stanley Jordan Releases His First CD in More Than A Decade!

With his first release in more than a decade, Stanley Jordan’s new CD, State of Nature will be released on April 22nd, marking his first offering on Mack Avenue Records. Retreating in the mountains of the Southwest since the 90’s in a self imposed exile, Stanley decided to take a break from the commercial music industry and is just reemerging with a new direction for his life, which is all reflected on State of Nature. Now he is back to thrill jazz, fusion and adult contemporary listeners with his mix of aural pleasures, social issues and pure genius.

Already known as a world-class guitarist, State of Nature also marks Stanley’s return to piano. Mastering two instruments creating one unique sound, proves that Stanley Jordan definitely marches to the beat of his own drum. Never one to be locked into constraints, Stanley has also taken the profound task of using this new CD to aurally tackle pertinent themes including environmental issues and man’s relationship to nature and humankind.

Stanley Jordan first came to prominence with the release of his 1985 Grammy nominated debut album Magic Touch, a revolutionary project that helped to re-launch the legendary Blue Note Records into a contemporary entity in jazz and beyond. Key to Jordan's fast-track acclaim was his mastery of a special "tapping" technique. This method uses “touches & taps” on the guitar's board instead of conventional strumming and picking. While a handful of other virtuoso players use similar techniques, Stanley's fluid and melodic use of tapping captures the imagination of listeners through his inherent warmth and sensitivity.