SoundToys Announces TDM Effects Bundle

At the 2005 Audio Engineering Society Conference, SoundToys Inc. (formerly Wave Mechanics) is announcing the new SoundToys TDM Effects Bundle for ProTools TDM on Mac OSX. The new comprehensive effects bundle includes nine effects plug-ins for professional audio, sound design, post production, and audio for gaming.
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This comprehensive bundle includes full-featured TDM versions of SoundToys' entire plug-in line:

  • EchoBoy -- Professional echo/delay, comprising thirty different "Echo Styles" and including 300+ presets
  • SoundBlender -- Dual intelligent pitch-shifter, filter, delay, and multi-FX
  • FilterFreak -- Resonant analog rhythmic filtering, with support for MIDI sync
  • PhaseMistress -- An analog-sounding phaser featuring extensive modulation
  • PurePitch -- Format corrected pitch-shifting and harmony creation
  • PitchDoctor -- Realistic-sounding automatic intonation correction
  • Tremolator -- Classic tremolo and programmable auto-gate with support for MIDI sync
  • SPEED -- Pitch transposition and time compression/expansion
  • Crystallizer -- Pitch-shifting time slicing delay, also supporting MIDI sync

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