SoundSoap SE Now Bundled with XP202 USB Audio Inteface(2)

Announced at Winter NAMM and to be shown at the Musikmesse international trade show, the manufacturer of the XP202 has announced that the SoundSoap SE software from BIAS will now be included.

The XP202 is a 24-bit 96kHz enabled USB audio interface for Mac or Windows PC's. Perfect for musicians for use as an audio interface, it's also suitable for users wishing to transfer their precious vinyl album collections to CD.

The SoundSoap SE software scrubs audio squeaky clean -- dramatically reducing tape hiss, clicks and crackles, buzzing and hum, rumble, and most other types of unwanted noise. Archiving your record collection to CD is easy with SoundSoap. While SoundSoap uses advanced technology to do its magic, you don't need to be an audio expert. Just click the one-step "learn noise" button, and watch SoundSoap automatically clean your audio.

Because record players, tape recorders, microphones, and many other devices operate at differing audio levels, a professional audio interface like the 'XP202' is required to match levels. The built in RIAA equalizer processes the incoming signals from your turntable. A ground connector is provided on the front panel for connection to your turn-table.

The XP202 features 24-bit 96kHz support, two adjustable microphone pre-amps, and a pair of stereo line inputs. Each mic preamplifier provides selectable phantom power for use with dynamic or condenser microphone signals. Instrument line level signals can be directly connected via the XP202's stereo line input on the front panel. As an added bonus, a stereo headphone power-amp is accessible from the front panel with an individual volume control and special 'mix' control. This allows users control of the monitoring balance between USB audio playback signals and the input signals from either line or mic inputs.

Being housed in a compact shielded chassis, the XP202 is protected against distortion and interference from your PC. The unit powers directly from USB and offers easily accessible connection possibilities right on the front panel.


  • USB audio interface for Mac & PC
  • 24-bit 96kHz operation
  • USB powered
  • Two onboard mic preamps with phantom power
  • Stereo line input
  • Stereo phono preamp
  • Stereo headphone amplifier
  • Mix/balance control (balance USB audio playback and input signal for headphones)
  • Two parallel stereo outputs (one front, one rear)
  • Transparent desk stand attachments provided

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