SoundClick Partners With MyPRGenie To Create Buzz For New Artists

SoundClick, Inc., the 10-year-old music social media website where 3.3 million aspiring artists share and promote their music, today announced the signing of MyPRGenie, Inc., the world's first on-demand Internet provider of public relations services, as its public relations agency of record and as a partner in its efforts to launch the careers of its members.
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"We are excited to enlist MyPRGenie in our efforts to publicize ourselves and our artists," said Dan Dougherty, Chief Revenue Officer of SoundClick. "We are especially looking forward to using MyPRGenie's proprietary publicity engine in order to reach the music press and generate some real excitement for our platform and our members. As an originator of the social media format, SoundClick is well known within the music industry and marketers will find that we offer an ideal environment in which to engage a young influential community. Our members will also benefit from this partnership in significant ways."

"At MyPRGenie, we are thrilled to partner with SoundClick, and we are also excited to give its 3.3 million members the opportunity to get their music heard by the right people," according to Miranda Tan, Chief Executive Officer of MyPRGenie, Inc. "We are engaged in aggressively promoting SoundClick's fantastic service and at the same time encouraging its members to sign up with MyPRGenie at a discounted rate so they can see for themselves the power of the MyPRGenie engine to create buzz and deliver measurable results. We look forward to getting SoundClick and its members some well-deserved publicity as they find new audiences for some great original music."

MyPRGenie ( has been developed to allow business and individuals to tell their stories themselves. is the leading self-service publicity engine to provide users with an opportunity to create their pitch, upload it to our system, and distribute pitches and stories to all types of publicity providers. The advantage of MyPRGenie is that users can employ MyPRGenie to communicate directly with targeted press, bloggers, analysts, or clients of their choosing. A client can also use MyPRGenie to selectively communicate, or target, certain types of reporters and editors in the media, based on that client's industry and focus. The engine is easy to use and costs are scalable.

SoundClick, established in 1997, is an originator of the social media format. SoundClick continues to be the leading free music community featuring signed and unsigned bands plus state of the art social media tools. SoundClick offers free member profile pages, mp3 downloads, streaming audio and video, music charts, custom radio stations, a proprietary music store, message boards, lyrics and music e-cards. SoundClick also offers users the ability to promote their favorite music with viral widgets. With 3.3 million members and 60+ million monthly pageviews, SoundClick is the ideal destination for original music fans and marketers who want to engage them creatively.

Developed by some of the most experienced public relations professionals, journalists and marketers in the business, MyPRGenie, Inc., is the world's first on-demand provider of public relations services that allows the client to deliver press releases in the form of PDFs, text, photos or videos to the target audience for maximum visibility. With MyPRGenie, anyone can go online (, upload their press release and draft a customized note directly to appropriate media channels and major newspapers, with options that will reach more than 4,000 daily newspapers and broadcast media, financial and trade publications, along with online news sites and portals. For more information on MyPRGenie, visit the website or call 212-807-8300, and see how easy it can be to publicize yourself.