Sony Launches 'Jimi Hendrix: The Complete Experience' App

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Fans of Jimi Hendrix, the legendary rocker who was just named the greatest guitarists of all time, now have the opportunity to “experience” Hendrix and his music like never before! Sony Music is providing a digitally immersive artist experience with the brand new ‘Jimi Hendrix: The Complete Experience Mobile App’ for all iOS 5 devices (iPhone/iPad).

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Vinyl may not be in demand like it used to be, but that doesn’t mean the content is any less desired! Now, that whole album experience is finally being reinvented to fit the current digital age.

The Hendrix app allows music lovers to explore interactive chapters of Jimi’s legacy by flipping through the full collection of Hendrix’s albums, reading about documentaries, watching live performances and other films about Hendrix with the option to download directly from iTunes!

Other features include:
· Venues: Learn about some of the most significant venues Hendrix played during his career and watch video clips and view photos from those performances.
· Video Lens: Check out music videos, live performances, film excerpts and more from the video lens
· Photo Lens: Sort through stacks of pictures for a quick look into the Hendrix Legacy
· Music Lens: Explore the world of Hendrix through maps and an interactive passport to find key places of significance to Hendrix. Get a stamp in your virtual passport by visiting those locations.
· … and more!

Visit the iTunes Store for more information.