Sonoma Wire Works Launches Riffworks Standard

Sonoma Wire Works&trade, developers of highly acclaimed RiffWorks&trade recording software, have released RiffWorks Standard (version 2) offering increased compatibility, more features, integrated RiffCaster instant podcasting, and access to RiffLink online collaboration. RiffWorks Standard allows users to spontaneously record their musical ideas, create songs complete with drums and effects, jam online, and broadcast to an enthusiastic community.
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Recording Made Fun

RiffWorks Standard installs easily on Mac OS Universal with any CoreAudio device and on WinXP with any ASIO device, making it more accessible. RiffWorks still features the popular Riff-based workflow, and the new SongLayer tool allows for full song-length recording. In addition to the real-time effects users could add to each layer in v1, users can now add effects to each backup module including InstantDrummer, ReWire, and the REX player. Eight InstantDrummer sessions from top drum content providers (Drums on Demand, Discrete Drums, and Submersible Music) are included and dozens more have just been released, giving users more professional drum recordings for their songs.

Jam Online

RiffWorks Standard integrates the new RiffLink interface, which enables participation in online jamming. With the debut of RiffLink, RiffWorks is the only recording application with built-in online collaboration. RiffLink allows multiple users to record, mix and chat in a shared session in real-time or when they have time. Because Riffs are looped, users can be playing along with collaborators' tracks with no worries about latency. New tracks show up when they finish streaming and are always perfectly in sync. The RiffLink service is in public beta. RiffWorks Standard is available for $129.99 from, which includes a 60-day free subscription to RiffLink.

Instant Podcasting

RiffCaster free broadcasting service allows instant publishing via webcasts and podcasts with embedded Creative Commons licensing at the press of a button. Songs can now be published instantly to the RiffCaster webcast and podcast server with the click of one button from within the RiffWorks interface.

"We listened to our enthusiastic users' feature requests and we've delivered. The result is RiffWorks Standard - accessible to more users and even more fun to record with. We are hearing amazing songs being recorded with RiffWorks and some hot collaborations coming out of RiffLink sessions. It's exciting to watch (and hear) RiffWorks bringing home musicians together." Doug Wright, President of Sonoma Wire Works


• RiffCaster one-click podcasting
• RiffLink online collaboration free trial
• IK Multimedia's AmpliTube LE guitar amp and effects plug-in
• More InstantDrummer sessions from Drums on Demand, Submersible Music, & Discrete Drums • WinXP with ASIO
• MacOS Universal with Core Audio
• More new features listed on


RiffWorks Standard Version 2.0:

• Cross-platform: Mac OS X Universal and Win XP
• Mono or stereo input
• 16-24 bit recording
• 44.1 sample rate for simple setup and CD burning
• 32 bit floating point internal processing
• Up to 24 recorded layers per Riff, not including backups like the InstantDrummer
• Up to 48 simultaneous recorded layers with SongLayers playing over Riffs
• Mix-down to WAV or OggVorbis files
• 7 real-time effects per layer
• ReWire support for synchronizing with other music apps
• REX player for playing tempo synchronized loop files

RiffLink Public Beta:

• Variable bit-rate compression (approx. 6:1)
• Allows 6-12 simultaneously streaming layers in and out on median performance CPU.
• Unlimited number of users can collaborate on a session,
• 4 users can be connected at the same time to a session.
• Mac and PC users can collaborate seamlessly. SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS

Win XP:

• PIII 1GHz (P4 or equivalent 1.8GHz recommended)
• ASIO driver capable audio interface (see the recommended hardware list)
• Windows XP

Mac OS X:

• G4 1.33GHz (Intel CoreDuo or G5 1.8GHz recommended)
• Core Audio input device (some Macs don't have one built-in eg. MacMini - see the recommended hardware list)
• Mac OS X 10.4 or later, including Universal


• 512MB of RAM (1GB recommended)
• 1GB of disk space free for installation
• 5 GB of disk space free for recording
• Activation, RiffCaster and RiffLink require an internet connection
• Appropriate beverages


This edition will be available soon for a special price to Line 6 customers through the Line 6 store. It is almost the same as RiffWorks Standard with exceptions listed in the FAQ. The Line 6 Edition will still be included in the GuitarPort RiffTracker package available online and in retail stores.


RiffWorks Standard from $129.99

RiffWorks Line 6 Edition from $99.99 (not yet available)

RiffWorks Upgrade (Line 6 Edition v1.0 or v1.1 to Line 6 Edition v2.0 from $29.99 (not yet available)

RiffLink Service Pricing: 60 day free trial with RiffWorks (v2.0) purchase, then RiffLink subscription $10/month or $60/year (special yearly subscription offer saves 50%)

InstantDrummer Sessions: RiffWorks (v2.0) includes 8 free InstantDrummer sessions. Additional InstantDrummer sessions from $9.99/ea.


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Incorporated in 2003, Sonoma Wire Works develops high-quality, innovative products and services that help musicians enjoy playing, recording and sharing music. Headquartered in Los Altos, California, Sonoma Wire WorksÕ development group has more than 25 years of audio engineering experience. Sonoma Wire Works products have received multiple editorial awards.