Sonny Landreth

Slide guitar is a world within itself, but Louisiana slide deity Sonny Landreth has conquered a world within a world by pioneering behind-the-slide technique—the practice of fretting notes behind the glass, brass, bottleneck, (or whatever it is that composes your slide), thereby adding new notes to slide riffs.

And guess what—it’s easier and more fun than you’d think. With your slide on your 4th finger, simply use your other fretting-hand fingers to press down one or more notes. The fretted strings will conveniently drop beneath the slide and ring unimpeded, as illustrated in this open-G tuning example. With the slide at the 12th position, the first bar gets you started by adding a 10th-fret G fretted with your 2nd finger. (Tip: Pull off from a behind-the-slide note and as the string “hammers” back against the slide, you’ll hear the string return to its slide-position pitch.) g