Rough Surf, Rough Mix, Live in Berlin (

Lets just get this out of the way right now; Slacktone guitarist Dave Wronski has taken the genre of surf guitar further than anyone since Dick Dale. And he doesn’t do it the easy way by simply grafting other styles of music onto the tried-and-true surf formula. No way, dude. Wronski’s style is pure surf, as his cascading flurries of double-picked cacophony surrounded in glorious reverb and echo will attest. Instead, Wronski innovates with an evolved melodic sensibility and use of dynamics that makes him the utter cream of the longboard crop, as he phrases with a delicacy seldom heard in the genre. And don’t let the record’s title scare you off. In fact, I find its raw, uncontrolled sound preferable for such a primal brand of music. Plus, you get to hear Wronski disassemble “Miserlou” in all of it’s live, unpolished glory. Trust me folks, Wronski is as bad as they come.