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Skreddy says the Pink Flesh ($195 retail street price N A) is based on the triangle knob, circa ’71, four transistor fuzz (a.k.a. Electro Harmonix Big Muff), with a few circuit tweaks to smooth out the highs, eliminate the mid
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Skreddy says the Pink Flesh ($195 retail/street price N/A) is based on the triangle-knob, circa-’71, four-transistor fuzz (a.k.a. Electro- Harmonix Big Muff), with a few circuit tweaks to smooth out the highs, eliminate the mid scoop, and tighten up the bass—all with the goal of giving it a more amp-like distortion sound. The unit features Sustain, Volume, and Tone controls, along with a 2-position Flat/Juicy switch that adds midrange boost. The die-cast enclosure requires removing the bottom plate to swap the battery, but a 2.1mm adapter jack is provided, as is an LED for bypass indication.

The Pink Flesh’s lettering style and floating pig graphic immediately conjure a Pink Floyd image, and, true enough, with a Strat plugged in it’s disarmingly easy to dial in a fat, smooth overdrive tone à la Big Muff user David Gilmour (who reportedly used a circa-’73 “ram’s head” Muff. Skreddy uses the same 10µf electolytic input cap found in the ’73 Muff, and that contributes to making the Pink Flesh the smoothest-sounding distortion pedal in this Roundup, with an old-school kind of looseness in its grind that is really enjoyable. It doesn’t clean up much when you turn down your guitar (or the pedal’s Sustain knob), but the distortion is utterly pleasing and very accommodating to different guitars and/or tastes with a flick of the Flat/Juicy switch. The Flesh’s tightened bass response means you don’t have to deal with the preponderance of lows that a Big Muff dishes out, and the beautifully voiced Tone pot provides very focused low-end textures in the counter-clockwise portion of its range. Even when swung all the way in the opposite direction, the Tone control keeps the highs well presented and non-spiky. The Pink Flesh can deliver extremely distorted tones while remaining very clear and detailed, and it gets loud enough to really nail an amp’s front end. As long as you don’t need any ability to do clean boosting, this pedal rules.

Kudos  Excellent organic distortion. Amazing range of sounds for such a simple set of controls. Great balance of lows and top-end bite.

Concerns A little challenged in the dynamics department.

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